Monday, August 24, 2015

RAILROAD TRACKS - for Digital Whisper


Anonymous said...

so sad!
Herzlich Pippa

abby j said...

Sad, but touching piece, Gayle.

carolann said...

A real sad piece but a reminder of how the other person lives in the world.

From where I moved from in city. I see this all the time. Now in Country city. I see them with shopping buggies at the garbage bins.

When we went to city in Toronto. My son and I would buy them a meal and a drink with us to sit.
We do have food banks here .

Mine is up

Deann said...

Beautiful and touching.

carolann said...

I had made a comment prior I know but two days ago we had to have change of address on health card and Lord and behold was sitting a Beggar like you have illustrated in your rail tracks. He was drinking a coffee a store keeper had given him here in my new town I moved too. he looked up at me for a second and then cast his eyes away . Such sad eyes he had, I wondered who's dad is he. So sad.

It so startled me to see him and it reminded me of your piece here.